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Nemanja has been teaching Norwegian for over seven years now, and has worked with hundreds of pupils. Nemanja has also held specialized courses for different occupations. During his studies he received a scholarship for Nansenskolen in Lillehammer where he spent one year. So far he’s done dozens of complex technical translations and participated on numerous translation projects. He is truly a person who believes that enough sleep, laughter and good beer are the cure for everything. He is also one of those people who can eat three times more than ordinary folk. A more demanding teacher, he is also extremely patient.

Nemanja teaches Norwegian, and he can communicate with you in English and Serbian.

Would you like to have Nemanja as your Norwegian teacher? Contact us!

Job interview: 100€
Conversational course: 200€
Grammar drill course: 400€
Test prep A 1h * 10: 240€
Test prep B 45+30 * 10: 440€
Test prep C 1+45 * 10: 600€
Crash course – talk basic Norwegian / beginners: 1000€
Bring a friend 45 x 10: 300€
Bring a friend 1h x 10: 450€
Intensive course – 3 times a week 45 x 12: 220€
Intensive course – 3 times a week 1h x 12: 310€