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You can learn the language of your choice online, from your room – anywhere in the world

Learn Norwegian, Danish, Swedish,
Icelandic or Finnish over Skype!


Experience all the benefits of online learning

Learn your chosen language wherever you are and at your own pace. Our teachers are experienced and would love to work with you!


Custom-made programmes, progress reports, and a focus on what you need

We help with the preparation for various language exams, as well as language skills for work and life in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland.


Experience, combined with a unique method

More than 10 years of experience and a unique method. Everything you need to guarantee great quality with optimal results.

We're unique!


Our own teaching method


Quality and satisfaction guarantee


Teachers that can help you in over 10 languages


A chance for a free first lesson

"... and if you have as busy a schedule as I do, Skype lessons are the best way to learn a language from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and at the time it suites you best."

"... jeg har utviklet gehøret mitt for norsk, noe som gjør meg mye mer bevisst på de språklige nyansene og uttalen i hverdagen. Jeg gir Snorre mine beste anbefalinger videre"

What do I need?

Skype, internet and the willingness to learn a new language!

What do I get?

High quality language lessons over Skype, an experienced and engaging teacher, a unique method and a tailored language course for what you need most.

How much does it cost?

The prices vary, but you will definitely get the best price package tailored for you, your teacher, your language level, and the number of lessons required. We are glad to be able to offer high quality services for great prices.

When can I begin?
Right now!

We always aim to offer a great service and to keep improving; and it’s not just an expression! – We are proud of the things that make our lessons over Skype unique:

  • Unique in-house teaching method
  • Quality and satisfaction guarantee
  • Teachers that can help you in over 10 different languages
  • The chance for a free first lesson

We offer a free first lesson to all of our students. It is a great way for you to get to know our teachers and methods, a great way for our teachers to get to know you, and the first step in creating a tailored course for you.

We have a unique teaching method and skilful teachers that can help you learn Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish from a number of different language backgrounds.

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